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Procurement key to stemming spread of HIV and Aids in Nigeria

3 June 2014

Efficient and cost-effective procurement processes have the capacity to save millions of lives in Nigeria through better providing supplies to treat HIV and Aids. Around eight million people or five percent of the population currently suffer from the virus in the African nation, one of the highest rates in the world. Supplies such as condoms, testing kits and anti-retroviral drugs are vital to combating the disease, but their impact can only be fully realised if effectively purchased and distributed.

Efficient procurement can ensure supplies get to those who need them most, and assure that the greatest value for money is achieved from grant allocations. It can also provide much-needed quality control regarding transport and the products themselves, and boost the local economy - most aid projects operating in the region favour local businesses as trading partners, providing they meet rigorous quality assurance requirements.

Increasingly, aid projects have made establishing better procurement processes a priority, aware of the potential positive results. To lower total shipping weights, the Enhancing Nigeria's Response to HIV/Aids (ENR) project significantly streamlined condom packaging. The result has been an average increase of 600 percent in the number of condoms shipped per carton for the same shipping cost.

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