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Suwon – recycled asphalt unlocks major benefits of GPP

6 November 2018

Green Public Procurement enabled recycling of 33,617 tons of asphalt concrete in total and created environmental and economic benefits worth more than 800 million KRW in Suwon, South Korea.

This was achieved through the “SPP Tender Implementa­tion and Impact Monitoring” that is being conducted in Asia under the UN 10 Year Framework Programme for Sustainable Consumption and Pro­duction (10 YFP) since March 2017. In addition, Suwon reached their targets for increasing the ratios of the annual GPP to over 40% and that of Recycled Asphalt Concrete (RAC) to more than 20% through this project.

During the project, the city of Suwon determined to recycle of asphalt concrete as its core influence area and pledged to make its utmost efforts to promote green public procurement in cooperation with ICLEI Korea Office (KO) and Korea Environ­mental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI). The step-by-step process was guided by the Procura+ Manual, resulting in a strategy of five phases. More detail is available in the case study published by ICLEI KO as part of the UN10YFP SPP working group No.1a.

In the future, the city of Suwon wants to build on this successful practice with the aim of becoming a leading city in terms of green public procurement by sharing their experience across the world.

Read the full case study here