21 May 2019

Procurement experts gather, as circularity becomes the new normal

To advance the circular economy domestically, Recycling Council of Ontario hosts featured experts from around the world that recognize the strength and value of purchasing power to change markets, along with Canadian representatives from all levels of governments and their agencies, as well as suppliers and vendors, to share knowledge and resources, showcase best practices, and network.

Circular procurement is a practice that will advance the circular economy, which focuses on the full value of goods, services, public works, and infrastructure investments. It also has the potential to fulfil economic (cost savings), environmental (low-carbon; waste reduction), and socio-economic (social enterprise; unique public and private partnership) interests simultaneously.

The Circular Procurement Summit, June 11-13th, Toronto, provides the opportunity to enhance awareness of circular economy, verify the importance of procurement to advance Canada’s circular economy, exchange on best practice in circular procurement from around the globe, access resources and tools that support concepts into practice and measure results, educate vendors and service providers that engage with the public and private sector buyers.

Alongside other procurement experts, Mark Hidson, Deputy Regional Director of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and the Global Director of ICLEI’s Sustainable Procurement Centre will be speaking at the Circular Procurement Summit. From Mark’s perspective, circular public procurement has the potential to catalyse innovation and sustainability as well as to provide access to markets for SMEs and to gain the trust of citizens in public authorities. It is a key mechanism to address greenhouse gas emissions, local air and water quality, the use of hazardous substances and raw material usage.

Learn more about the Circular Procurement Summit and how to register here.