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UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to increase sustainable procurement globally

1 October 2015

The United Nations general assembly in New York (USA) adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on 25 September 2015, a historic moment that brought into effect a range of global targets that aim to enhance development, prosperity, and equality across the globe. The goals include targets to improve the uptake of sustainable procurement, directed at both the public and private sectors.

Included within the 169 targets is the intention to reduce bribery and corruption in procurement processes, a practice that when combined with theft and tax evasion costs developing countries $1.26 trillion annually according to UN estimates. Other targets address modern slavery and human trafficking, and strengthen the ongoing struggle against child labour.

The UN also wishes to drastically reduce food wastage along production and supply chains, targeting retailers and consumers. A goal of 50 percent less waste has been set for 2030. In addition, the SDGs propose to grow the number of SMEs in operation by providing better market access and making financial support more affordable.

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