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Stakeholders invited to help set rules on environmental footprint of products

28 January 2014

The large number of green certifications available is hampering businesses’ ability to effectively promote their products as environmentally friendly, and is confusing to consumers, who are overwhelmed by the array. To solve this problem the European Commission aims to standardise the measurement of products’ environmental performance. This standard measurement will be titled Product Environmental Footprint or PEF.

Specific rules on how PEF is measured for different product groups are currently being developed. To aid with this, the European Commission is inviting stakeholders from across Europe to provide input. At present the group "feed, food, drink and related products" is slated for discussion. The deadline for applications to take part is 28 March 2014 at 17.00 CET.

This is an excellent opportunity for interested parties to help shape EU rules for years to come – all measures developed during the pilot phase will become the product rules valid under the PEF, to be used by all stakeholders in the sector. Individual companies, industrial associations or any other private, non-governmental or public organisations can volunteer to lead the process.

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