3 September 2015

Dutch procurement agency makes guidance available in English

PIANOo, a Dutch public procurement agency, has launched a translated version of their website, providing those who speak English with a wealth of useful information on sustainable public procurement (SPP). PIANOo’s website explains key procurement concepts and provides information on how procurers can embrace sustainable and innovative procurement, as well as giving access to tools and documents.

Separated by theme, the website contains comprehensive SPP guidance, outlining how procurers can minimise the impact of procurement on people and the environment and use it as a means to meet their organisation's policy objectives. Topics covered on the website include social conditions in global supply chains, circular procurement, opportunities for SMEs, and more.

PIANOo, the Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre, was founded in 2005 with the aim of helping government departments improve efficiency and comply with relevant procurement rules. It provides advice and practical tips and brings together procurement and tendering expertise. The organisation also fosters dialogue between government contracting authorities and private sector companies. It is part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

For more information, visit the PIANOo website.