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GreenS survey looks at support for GPP in Europe

18 August 2016

A GreenS project survey on institutional requirements to successfully carry out green public procurement (GPP) has uncovered a number of good and bad practices in the application of GPP in Europe. According to the survey, a gap exists between GPP policies and the actions performed at national level by procurement officials, with many unaware of the full extent of national requirements.

The survey also found that support activities are not properly utilised by public procurers, with most relying on national websites for GPP information. More positively, it was found that many EU countries have adopted a national action plan, reached political agreement on GPP implementation, and assigned responsibilities for GPP at the national level. These countries also provide procurers with clear guidance and tools for GPP, as well as legal support.

A full outline of the survey’s findings is included in the GreenS newsletter. The EU-funded GreenS project aims to focus the attention of public authorities in Europe on the benefits of Green Public Procurement and life-cycle costing as a means to reach policy objectives.

To view the GreenS newsletter, click here.