6 August 2013

EU GPP Criteria for Waste Water Infrastructure released

EU Green Public Procurement (GPP) criteria for the procurement of waste water infrastructure projects are detailed in a new report published by the European Commission. The document gives an introduction to the principles of using GPP criteria for waste water infrastructure projects, provides an overview of the key environmental impacts related to waste water infrastructure projects, and describes the GPP activities in different phases of the development process.

The guide covers both core GPP criteria, which address significant environmental impacts and cause little extra burden to implement, and comprehensive GPP criteria, which outline how to purchase the best environmental products available and may require extra administrative effort and expense.

The document also describes how Life Cycle Costing can be used within GPP, and provides information on relevant European legislation. Procurement of waste water infrastructure is a complex process, which often requires the procuring organisation to seek additional technical support. The document therefore provides only voluntary guidance, and does not inhibit public authorities from using their own approaches to GPP.

To view the guide, click here.