22 July 2016

Procura+ Webinar on SPP monitoring

The Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network recently hosted a webinar entitled How sustainable are your purchases? Monitoring to improve your SPP. Attended by over 40 people, the webinar explored best practice, success stories and key techniques for effective monitoring of sustainable procurement.

Robert Kaukewitsch of DG Environment gave an introduction to SPP monitoring at European policy level, including current research into the scope of monitoring and the possibility to align green public procurement (GPP) monitoring with mandatory e-procurement. This was followed by a presentation by Els Verwimp of the Government of Flanders on the practical approach to SPP monitoring in the Flemish Environment, Nature and Energy Department. In the next presentation, Patrizia Giancotti of Metropolitan City of Rome Capital provided an overview of SPP Monitoring in Rome, showing how the authority tries to make reporting simple and “force” buyers to comply with GPP criteria. The third presentation, by Aure Audell of EcoInstitut, examined key elements and recommendations for monitoring SPP implementation.

If you missed the event, you can view a full recording of the webinar at the Procura+ website.