23 May 2017

SPP Regions project publishes new best practice report

The SPP Regions project, which promotes SPP and PPI in European regional networks of municipalities, has released its Best Practice Report on Performance / Output Based Specifications. The report explores and explains Performance / Output Based Specifications (POBS) for Performance Based Contracting, reporting successful practices and outlining benefits and potential challenges.

Focusing on examples of best practice, the report exemplifies Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital Trust (UK) procuring an energy performance contract; the Danish Municipality of Hedensted procuring efficient heating and ventilation solutions and a London Fire Brigade (LFB) partnership with the City & Fire Brigade of Ghent in Belgium on the environmental performance of fire vehicle fleets.

The report also sets out the key steps in executing a POBS based tender, including a 12-step checklist and identifies potential challenges when using a POBS approach.

For more information and to download the full report, visit the SPP Regions website.