4 December 2012

GPP criteria for windows and external doors discussed at Brussels meeting

The second meeting for the revision of the GPP criteria for windows and external doors, facilitating technical discussions on the revised GPP criteria and the proposed benchmarks and verification procedures, has concluded. A variety of stakeholders, including representatives from the Joint Research Centre, AEA Technology, the European Builders Confederation, the Forest Stewardship Council IC and many more, offered valuable critiques and suggestions. Selection criteria was discussed first, with several means to verify “high quality work” proposed.

National quality schemes, air tightness testing (including thermal imaging and blower door pressurisation tests), as well as use of European standards for accreditation were suggested. In terms of energy performance, a distinction was made between “core criteria”, which is applicable to all Member States and “comprehensive criteria”, which is recommended for advanced Member States or purchasing authorities. Two options were presented: use of the cost effectiveness methodology, and the improvement of the thermal parameters of the windows and doors. It was decided that the latter option should only be used in cases where the former is not yet available.

Legally sourced timber was agreed upon to be a requirement, whilst the criterion on the marking of plastics was removed due to infeasibility. Hazardous substances levels, it was said, should be linked to national standards. It was also put forward that the use of zero-released hazardous substances is technically impossible to achieve. Attendees agreed that inserting a quota of recycled content for metals could have a negative effect on achieving sustainability goals, and so this requirement was removed.

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