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New report outlines local authorities' experiences of clean fleet procurement

11 March 2014

A new report aimed at public bus procurers and transport operators provides a comprehensive review of fuel and technology options for clean buses, as well as outlining innovative bus procurement solutions. Produced by the Clean Fleets project, the report, titled Clean Buses – Experiences with Fuel and Technology Options, brings together the experiences of over 100 European public authorities and transport operators.

The report seeks to give an in-depth analysis with practical examples of using a range of fuel and technology types. A systematic assessment of 17 different fuel and technology options are included, covering environmental performance, market development, costs and other practical aspects.

Over 40 experts, including Clean Fleets project partners, public transport operators, public authorities, research institutions, transport associations and consultants, provided input into the report. The report aims to support the work of professionals in the field of procurement. Particular emphasis is placed on individual experiences from cities, local authorities and public transport operators.

To read the report, click here.