9 February 2017

French toolkit helps procurers to purchase sustainable catering

A new toolkit to help public procurers purchase better catering services has been launched by the French Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood and Forestry (MAAF). The toolkit aims to increase demand for locally supplied, high-quality and environmentally friendly foods.

Titled Localim, the toolkit provides buyers with methodological support in their purchasing practices, as well as extensive information on products, channels, suppliers, product purchasing arrangements and regulatory frameworks. Through using the toolkit, it is foreseen that procurers will be able to significantly improve their purchasing practices.

The toolkit consists of 14 practical fact sheets: eight methodological sheets to guide the procurer through each stage of the purchase, and six sheets that look at procuring specific types of food, such as poultry or dairy products. The technical specifications and award criteria are based on concerns such as environmental requirements, animal welfare, and the quality of the products.

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