12 November 2020

European Commission publishes new video on Socially Responsible Public Procurement

The European Commission has published a video explaining how the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs implemented social considerations in its procurement of textiles. The case is one of the examples from the report “Making socially responsible public procurement work: 71 good practice cases”.

The European Commission published the report, written by ICLEI and AIEDL, last September, aiming to inspire public buyers around Europe to implement social considerations in their public contracts. The case featured in the video is a good example of how such considerations can make supply chains more ethical, sustainable and transparent.

Knowing that during the production of clothes workers’ rights are sometimes violated, The Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs decided to issue a tender for textiles in which it made clear that it would only purchase clothes from companies which could prove that workers’ rights had been protected during the manufacturing phase. In doing so it ensured that its procurement would have a greater societal impact.

The Czech case is the second example from the report to be featured in a video. Previously the EC published a video about how Vendée reserved a tender to provide agri-food services to schools for organisations employing a minimum percentage of people with disabilities.