23 November 2012

New ICLEI Public Procurement Tool helps local authorities find true costs

ICLEI has launched a new tailor-made tool for sustainable procurement: the Life Cycle Costing and Emissions Online Tool. The tool has been developed to help public authorities calculate the life cycle costs (LCC) and important emissions (CO2, CO2eq, NOx, SO2, NMHC and PM) of different products, work and services to assist in procurement decision-making. The version 2.0 (2nd beta version) is now available online in German and English.

Buying green can save money, particularly when an LCC approach is taken during the procurement process – to account for all of the costs that will be incurred during the lifetime of the product, work or service and its related emissions, not just the purchase price. LCC can save costs by allowing procurers to choose the option which represents best value over its entire life-cycle. The tool can be used to assess two very closely related values: life cycle costs and related emissions. It is suitable for use in tendering to compare any number of offers.

The tool can also handle offers which include multiple products, works or services. Furthermore, it is designed to assess the current situation and so determine potential financial and emissions impacts of innovative alternative solutions. The development of the tool has been done in cooperation between Ökoinstitut and ICLEI and with the financial support from the Federal Environment Agency of Germany, the Federal Environment Ministry of Germany and the EU IEE programme.

To access the tool, click here.