9 February 2016

JRC study envisages possible future scenarios on the path to 2035

A new study by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) looks at the long term industry trends for sustainable resource use, and the consequences these trends will have on emission reductions and environmental resources, as well as employment and economic opportunities. The study envisages possible future scenarios that could arise as we move towards 2035 and the potential impacts on EU policy. It also highlights desirable possible futures.

Within each scenario, the authors simulate a landscape populated by different eco-industries, incorporating predicted trends such as the global population reaching 8.6 billion, global warming reaching 2 degrees Celsius, and an increase in people living in urban areas. Continuing technological development in the fields of ICT, biotechnologies, mobile technology, and so on is also accounted for.

To illustrate these complex scenarios, the authors created four characters: Clement, Sophia, Leo and Leila. Each character, who is possessed of different attributes, is placed into each of the scenarios; naturally, each character adapts better to a different version. By creating these predicted worlds, the JRC is helping policy makers to consider and engage with future issues, enabling them to plan in advance.

For more information, visit the JRC website.