2 July 2014

ICLEI, UNEP and Keiti role in supporting sustainable procurement highlighted by the Guardian

The important work of ICLEI, UNEP and the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (Keiti) in launching the Sustainable Public Procurement Programme has been highlighted by the Guardian newspaper, in an article that claims that "government spending could save the world". Author Erica Gies argues that through procurement, governments have the power to mainstream sustainable products and services, pointing to recent success stories as evidence.

"Their goal", Ms. Gies writes in reference to ICLEI, UNEP and Keiti, "is to help governments around the world make this shift [to sustainable procurement] via education and support, offering access to experts and tools". The article goes on to say that "Europe has benefited from a close collaboration with ICLEI, a 20-year expert on sustainable procurement. In 2004 ICLEI launched the European-focused Procura+ campaign to create methodology to help European authorities to implement SPP in six product groups... Thanks in part to ICLEI’s work, SPP in Europe now has agreed-upon criteria for 21 product and service groups."

Mark Hidson, Deputy Region Director of ICLEI Europe, is quoted in reference to ICLEI’s work on introducing innovation to public procurers. Speaking on the Procurement of Innovation Platform project, Mr. Hidson said: “It encourages innovation through procurement, bringing new products and services onto the market that meet the needs of users, public authorities, and societies.”

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