25 October 2016

Rotterdam’s procurement activities profiled by GLCN

The procurement work of the City of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) has been outlined in a new profile produced by the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement. The profile outlines the Dutch city's efforts to achieve 100 percent sustainable procurement by 2015.

Rotterdam places a strong emphasis on including green criteria and has moved away from the lowest bid method. Sustainability experts are also involved in the procurement process, offering advice on formulating criteria that are effective and appropriate.

Through its procurement activities, the city aims to a achieve a 40 percent energy reduction in community buildings by 2030, installation of rooftop solar panels on seven public buildings and 70 schools, zero emission delivery of goods and services by 2020, and much more. The document looks at how Rotterdam aims to achieve these targets, and explores the city's future challenges.

For more information, click here [PDF].