18 May 2017

Circular Procurement in the Nordic countries - report published

A report commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers outlining approaches to circular procurement in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland has been published. The study, entitled Circular Procurement in the Nordic Countries includes analysis and best practice case studies across sectors such as construction, waste, water management, food and catering, transport, furniture and textiles.

The report identifies that sustainable procurement could be a priority area for future Nordic cooperation, and points to potential opportunities and future challenges for Nordic countries in each of the sectors addressed. It argues that a successful Circular Economy approach will require strategic thinking and cooperation at all levels of government, and that continuous market dialogue between public administrations, business and other economic actors is required to promote circular procurement.

The study was jointly carried out by the Finnish Environment Institute, the Swedish Environmental Research Centre and the Copenhagen Resource Institute.

For more information and to download the report, visit the Copenhagen Resource Institute website.