21 June 2016

Rotterdam and Denver, two of the GLCN on SP cities, discuss sustainable procurement strategies

Representatives of the cities of Denver (USA) and Rotterdam (The Netherlands) have met to exchange experiences on implementing sustainable procurement activities. Both cities are part of the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement, pushing to drive a transition to sustainable consumption and production by purchasing sustainably.

Denver is rewriting its executive order on procurement and is looking to other cities’ policies and plans to shape its procurement actions. As Denver and Rotterdam have similar populations, Jerry Tinianow, Chief Sustainability Officer of the City of Denver, and Léon Dijk, Coordinator of Sustainable Public Procurement of the City of Rotterdam, have held discussions to compare how both cities have organised their procurement activities and introduced sustainable criteria. Tinianow and Dijk also focused on assessment of needs and how to go beyond simply deciding what to purchase by focusing first on whether to purchase or not.

“It was great to get together and talk about our procurement systems, challenges and goals. We learned a lot from each other. Collaboration and peer support is a real benefit of being part of the Global Lead City Network,” said Léon Dijk. Jerry Tinianow found the meeting very beneficial saying: “it was fascinating to compare the procurement structure of Rotterdam with our own. I have brought back a lot of fresh ideas to Denver and look forward to continued idea sharing and knowledge exchange with Léon”. Rotterdam and Denver have recently finalised their Sustainable Procurement Profiles, including information about their policies, strategies, achievements and challenges. These documents are aimed at showcasing how the GLCN on SP cities are championing sustainable procurement.

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