26 September 2013

Ghent commits to eco-friendly cleaning products

The city of Ghent (Belgium), in partnership with the leading manufacturer of green cleaning products Ecover, has committed to using products that carry the Cradle to Cradle label. The label is the symbol of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, and rewards products that are sustainable from their manufacture and use, through to disposal.

Ghent’s procurement strategy prioritises concentrated products, minimal packaging, reduced water consumption and sourcing products locally to reduce emissions from transportation. It also has a strict policy on recycling when products come to the end of their use.

Some 340 municipal buildings across the city will be using Ecover’s Cradle to Cradle products by the end of 2013, making Ghent the first city in the world to keep its properties clean according to the label’s standards. Deputy Mayor Martine De Regge said: “The city of Ghent is by tradition a Belgian pioneer in ecology. I hope we can inspire other cities to clean in the same environmentally friendly way.”

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