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Tender notice released for improvement of public buildings in Treviglio

21 April 2016

An open tender notice for the refurbishment of two public buildings in the Italian city of Treviglio has been published. The notice was published in the context of the EU-funded PROBIS project by ALER Bergamo –Lecco – Sondrio in coordination with Regione Lombardia. The deadline for submitting a bid is 9 May 2016.

The tender is worth over €1.2 million and is part of a procurement of innovation procedure. Through the refurbishment, energy consumption is expected to reduce significantly, with energy spent on space heating particularly targeted. This will largely be achieved through improvement in insulation. Contractors are expected to minimise discomfort to users, such as noise, smell, and environmental harm, and should use materials and products with environmental certification.

Windows and doors should be replaced and any new elements installed should be easy to maintain. Shading and solar radiation control systems will also be added. The acoustic performance of the buildings should be improved, protecting against outside noise. The PROBIS project aims to increase the energy efficiency and sustainability of European public buildings through innovative solutions.

For more information, download the tender notice [PDF].