14 August 2012

Consultation process sees revised list of resource efficiency indicators

The European Commission is currently consulting on a revised list of indicators that will be used to measure the overall resource efficiency of the European Union. The consultation period will end on 22 October 2012 and indicators are due to be agreed upon by 2013.

A provisional list included in the EC’s resource efficiency plan has been significantly scaled down due to data availability issues. Green public procurement contracts are among the dropped indicators. Others include the sales of green products, resource efficiency of EU companies, environmentally damaging subsidies and budgetary spending on resource efficiency.

New additions include an eco-innovation index, as well as the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus applied to farmland. The waste indicators now focus on municipal waste and greenhouse gas emissions are measured per capita. Gross domestic product divided by the mass of material consumed per year remains the lead indicator. Following the consultation, discussions on possible targets will begin.

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