22 April 2014

EUREAPA tool analyses the impact of changing consumption and production patterns

The EU-funded One Planet Economy Network (OPEN) has developed a free online tool to help policymakers analyse the environmental impacts of different policy options. The EUREAPA tool allows users to understand and evaluate the future environmental impacts of potential policies and helps them to choose more sustainable options for the future.

The tool was created by combining a range of indicators including ecological footprint, carbon footprint and water footprint measurements into a ‘footprint family’ which allows users to foresee the multiple impacts that a policy, such as increased production efficiency, might have on each of these areas. It also lets users set individual targets for each footprint and calculate the changes required to achieve these reductions.

Developers incorporated user feedback and testing at every stage of the design process to ensure the EUREAPA tool was as useful and usable as possible.

The developers hope that the user-friendly interface will make it an integral tool in improving sustainability at a strategic level. In future, they hope to introduce more indicators of environmental impact more local information, to make the tool even more useful in predicting impacts within a specific town or region.

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