29 September 2016

Feedback invited on sustainability consumer information guidelines

Draft guidelines that set out minimal requirements and principles for private and public sector institutions to follow when providing product sustainability information are open for feedback from stakeholders around the world. The Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information is produced by the 10YFP Consumer Information Programme for Sustainable Consumption and Production (CI-SCP).

The document builds on well-established national, regional and sectoral guidance with the aim of creating a global consensus on sustainability information for products. Recent years have seen increasing demand from consumers for clear and reliable product sustainability information to guide them through the maze of sustainability claims - not only to identify sustainable products, but also to use and dispose of products in a more sustainable way.

Participants can either fill out a simple survey covering the main points of the document, or can provide more detailed comments on the guideline's content in an Excel worksheet. The consultation is open until 14 October 2016.

To view the draft document, click here. For more information, contact