2 July 2013

German National Competence Centre for SPP goes public

To make public procurement in Germany greener, more socially sustainable and economically advantageous, the German Procurement Agency of the Federal Ministry of the Interior has launched the Kompetenzstelle für nachhaltige Beschaffung (Competence Centre for Sustainable Public Procurement), an online hub providing training and consulting for public authorities.

The website contains guidelines, newsletters and helpful materials such as example tenders and regional policies; offers training and consulting via telephone and email; and provides information on real-world events for procurers. The target audience of the centre are both awarding authorities of federal, state and local governments, as well as non-governmental organisations and other potential bidders.

The federal government has also launched an “Alliance for Sustainable Procurement”, which addresses different aspects of sustainable public procurement in changing expert groups. As the second-largest purchaser of the German federation (with an annual turnover of €1 billion), the Federal Ministry of the Interior was well placed to develop the website. It has both expertise on procurement law relating to a broad product portfolio, and experience in facilitating collaboration with industry and trade associations.

For more information, click here [in German].