18 October 2021

The winners of the Forum Compraverde 2021 sustainable procurement awards

The Forum Compraverde 2021 conference came to an end on 8 October 2021 with several Italian local and regional authorities awarded for their sustainable procurement actions.

The City of Fano and the City of Spoleto each won the “Green Canteen” award for well implementing the Minimum Environmental Criteria set out by the Italian Government for catering services. Honourable mention under this category was given to the City of Turin.

The Region Marche won the “Green Tender” award for their sustainable global service contract for road management. Honourable mentions were given to the City of Messina (for its procurement of textiles with a low environmental impact), the City of Padua (maintenance service contract for play and school green areas) and to Intercent-ER (Region Emilia-Romagna) (for its supply contract of accessories for the consumption of meals with reduced environmental impact for public administrations).

The City of Turin and Intercent-ER were equally place for the “GPP Policy” Award, while the City of Rome was given an honourable mention.

Milano Ristorazione was awarded the “Social Procurement” category for best addressing gender equity issues.

More information is available here (in Italian).