30 May 2018

Procura+ East Asia network for sustainable procurement launched

ICLEI East Asia has launched the Procura+ East Asia network, the first network of its kind in the region, which will serve the interests of local governments and accelerate the uptake of green public procurement.

Green public procurement has received increasing attention of decision-makers from emerging economies in Asia as an effective mechanism to achieve emission reduction targets and sustainable development goals, and at EcoProcura China 2018, held in Beijing on 16-17 May, it was officially announced that a new network would be established the uptake of green public procurement across the region.

Participants of Procura+ East Asia will be brought together through regular events and exchange programs to collectively develop new policies and criteria on specific areas related to green procurement. The Procura+ East Asia will also showcase participants’ achievement on the global stage and celebrate their success through the Procura+ Awards.

Procura+ East Asia is an affiliated network of Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network.