17 December 2020

Copenhagen is making the most of Ecolabels in public procurement

In a recent interview, Alexandra Thempler de Leeneer, a corporate social responsibility consultant working on sustainable public procurement for the City of Copenhagen, shared the City’s approach to working with Ecolabels to promote sustainable procurement.

In the interview, which was published in the GPP News Alert, Ms Thempler de Leener described how Procura+ Participant Copenhagen adopted an ambitious Ecolabel Policy and the results of the policy in practice. The policy states that selected categories of goods and services should be purchased using technical specifications based on ecolabels, such as official Danish ecolabels, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, or the EU Ecolabel.

“Copenhagen’s policy goal has been to push for high environmental standards while developing a simple and streamlined process for our procurers,” explained Ms Thempler de Leener. “It is widely recognised that products complying with ecolabel standards have a reduced impact on the environment and on the people working with them throughout the product’s lifecycle.“

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