23 July 2013

Catch up on ICLEI's latest news on sustainable procurement in Europe

The July edition of the Sustainable Procurement Update is fresh off the press and contains a mix of information on European procurement news, training opportunities, and networking events, and is now available online.

This issue focuses on mainstreaming low-carbon procurement across Europe - the main focus of the GPP 2020 project, which will see more than 100 low-carbon tenders published during the next three years. GPP 2020 will also increase permanent support structures already in place for green public procurement (GPP) and run capacity-building programmes in eight countries (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain).

Supplementing information about new projects, the newsletter also informs about the latest developments in the Procura+ Sustainable Procurement Campaign. Two public authorities have joined the Campaign since spring: the City of Aalborg (Denmark) and the municipalities’ network Reseau Grand Ouest (France). Leadership of the Campaign has also changed hands, partially, to the City of Helsinki (re-elected), Province of Barcelona and the City of Malmö (Sweden). If you would like to know more about Procura+ and find out how the Campaign could benefit your organisation contact us about it or consider taking part in the next Procura+ Seminar on sustainable timber procurement in Amsterdam (6 November).

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