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Input sought for upcoming PPI guidance documents

15 January 2014

To further aid in the uptake of public procurement of innovation (PPI), the Procurement of Innovation Platform will publish three guidance documents. Each guide is designed to enhance public procurers’ understanding of PPI, enabling them to easily and effectively purchase innovative goods and services. Before publication, the PPI Consortium is seeking stakeholder input to further refine the guides’ content. Specific questions have been developed to help focus stakeholders' contributions; the full list of questions can be found on the PPI platform website.

Contributions are being sought until the end of February 2014. To do so, contact The first guide will give a general introduction to the topic, outlining the most effective methods of implementation. The second will focus on risk management, providing an overview in the context of effective PPI. Guidance on intellectual property forms the focus of the third guide, including how to contractually deal with new findings, insights and technologies.

Stakeholders are also invited to discuss specific topics posted on the Procurement Forum. The PPI guidance documents are being developed with support from the European Commission by the PPI Consortium, a partnership between ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, PIANOo – the Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre, REC – the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe and IWT – the Flemish Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology.

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