3 March 2016

Book review: Sustainable Public Procurement Under EU Law

Each EU Member State is required to transpose the New EU Directives on public procurement into national law by April 2016. The new legal framework is intended to make public procurement into a strategic policy instrument. The book “Sustainable Public Procurement Under EU Law”, published by Cambridge University Press in December 2015, provides a comprehensive examination of the new legal regime from the perspective of sustainability.

The publication contributes to the wider debate around the implementation and efficacy of sustainable public procurement. According to editors Beate Sjåfjell and Anja Wiesbrock, the new Directives leave pertinent questions unresolved - when it comes to the inclusion of environmental and social considerations into purchasing decisions, the authors claim that the new framework is not as effective as initially claimed.

The book is certain to be of interest to those readers who wish to gain a better understanding of the possibilities and challenges of the application of sustainability considerations in various procurement procedures, and is highly recommended for scholars and academics interested in EU procurement law, competition law, or EU law more generally. It will also be useful for different policy makers working at both EU and national levels, particularly national experts involved in the transposition of the new Directives.

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