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New license scheme aims to stamp out slavery in supply chains

13 January 2016

A new voluntary licensing scheme that encourages self-regulation in the procurement sector has been backed by the UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner’s office as a means to reduce modern slavery in supply chains. The new licences require procurers to demonstrate that they are professionally qualified and will apply standards of practice and ethics in their procurement duties.

The Chartered Institute of Procurement (CIPs) has been advocating for the licence scheme as a means to improve professionalism in the sector, winning the support of the UNDP. As well as lessening instances of forced labour within supply chains, the license also aims to improve procurement and supply practices, leading to greater sustainability and innovation in procurement processes.

The Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) also backs the license. Speaking to Supply Management, Paul Broadbent, chief executive of the GLA, said: “We at the GLA strive to ensure the UK’s fresh produce sector is free of such abhorrent practices by requiring all licence-holders comply with our stringent standards. We aim to achieve this through working collaboratively with the industry and we fully support any new initiative that promotes self-regulation."

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