16 January 2013

Clean Fleets project to help organisations procure clean and efficient vehicles

A new project funded by the European Commission Intelligent Energy Initiative aims to help public authorities and fleet operators implement the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD). Throughout the lifetime of the three-year project, Clean Fleets aims to assist organisations with the procurement of clean and energy efficient vehicles, in the interest of environmental and economic sustainability.

It is recognised that municipalities and other public organisations across Europe are at different stages in the implementation of the CVD, which has now been integrated into national law in all EU Member States. The project therefore offers direct support by providing modular training, specific advice, and assistance with tendering to organisations that full under the Directive. The project will provide opportunities to exchange information through an online discussion forum, make useful materials such as case studies, guidance and tools, available and produce a regular newsletter.

As part of the launch, Clean Fleets partners are releasing a Call for Interest to inform the direction of the project, based on specific areas of interest and difficulties faced by stakeholders. If you would like to share your experiences, learn more about the project, sign up for news or receive free support, please follow this link. The project not only wishes to assist those organisations who need assistance with complying with the CVD, but also those who wish to go beyond the legislation and explore innovative ways to purchase or lease clean and energy efficient vehicles and fleets.

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