25 August 2017

Report recommends integration of SPP in UK food production

The Eating Better alliance has published a report with ten recommendations towards sustainable food production in the UK after Brexit. The report, developed in collaboration with a consortium of UK and international civil society organisations and experts, analyses the opportunities and risks around the Brexit negotiations and the future of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in Britain.

Among the ten recommendations for livestock's role in a sustainable food and farming system is a transition to healthy and sustainable eating patterns with less and better animal products, and its full integration into public health, procurement and economic policy. The report also recommends sufficient funding for innovation to support a shift towards lower intensity, innovative and sustainable farming.

The Eating Better alliance involves over 50 civil society organisations and works towards catalysing shifts towards healthy and sustainable eating patterns.

For more information, visit the Eating Better website. The full report can also be downloaded from the SP Platform Resource centre.