30 December 2013

Ghana to introduce sustainability criteria into tender documents

In an effort to boost sustainability, the Ghanaian government is redesigning its tender documents. Social, economic and environmental criteria will be incorporated, as well as measures to increase transparency and accountability. The move towards more sustainable procurement comes in the framework of a three year-joint venture with the Swiss government on enhancing the use of SPP.

The timing of the redesign is particularly apt, as the country’s Public Procurement Act 2003 is currently being amended, with efforts to embed sustainability principles an ongoing concern. A spokesman for Ghana’s Public Procurement Authority (PPA) said: “The review of the current Standard Tender Documents (STDs) has become necessary, especially at a time when the public is demanding accountability and transparency in the conduct of procurement using public funds.”

“The authority believes the review of the STDs for procurement of goods, works and services is a major milestone in the entrenchment of the gains from the country’s public procurement reforms, and it will adequately serve various stakeholders.” The Swiss government has provided a US $2.7 million grant to aid Ghana in becoming the first African nation to adopt a national policy on sustainable public procurement.

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