23 December 2013

Northumberland Council to use sustainable procurement to boost local economy

Northumberland County Council (United Kingdom) has released plans to use sustainable procurement as a means to help the local economy, aiming to increase the proportion of budget spent in the local community by 10 percent over the next two years. The "Grow Northumberland" initiative will also see environmental and social criteria included when selecting products and services.

Under the initiative, suppliers will be encouraged to reduce their carbon emissions and to set reduction targets, and all staff across the council will be trained on sustainable procurement. Local businesses will be invited to provide a "quick quote" for contracts under £50,000. The council will also introduce clauses into contracts to secure apprenticeships and job placement schemes for the local community, with a particular emphasis on the long-term unemployed.

Northumberland County Council’s deputy leader, councillor Dave Ledger, said: “The council does spend a substantial amount in the local economy but there is scope to increase this further. While we still need to ensure good value for money the council wants to use its spending powers to help support businesses within the county and assist regeneration across Northumberland.”

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