18 November 2015

UAE shows support for sustainable procurement by joining global networks

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has joined two UN-led global networks aimed at supporting sustainable public procurement (SPP). The move will give the UAE access to a network of policy experts on SPP and eco-labelling and will allow the nation to share its own experiences and expertise in the field with peers. Both networks are part of the UN’s 10 Year Frame Programme on SPP.

The UAE is now a partner within the SPP Programme, which is jointly headed by ICLEI and the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI). The programme supports the implementation of sustainable procurement through providing access to capacity building tools and public procurement experts. It also aims to build up a body of knowledge on how SPP can be used to support the shift to a green economy.

The other network joined by the UAE is the Consumer Information programme, which provides reliable information regarding a product’s environmental and societal impact. It aims to improve ways of communicating this impact, such as by enhancing eco-labels. Ahead of COP21, the UAE has also submitted a report to the UN that states the country’s goal to generate 24 percent of its energy from clean sources by 2021.

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