18 September 2015

Procurers invited to connect and exchange on waste management solutions

Procurers interested in improving waste management by using public procurement of innovation (PPI) to find new and efficient solutions are invited to join two groups set up by the PPI4Waste project. The EU-funded project aims to develop innovative approaches to waste collection and treatment. A Purchasing Community and an Interest Group will be established and officially launched at the project’s upcoming Procurement Foresight Workshop in Brussels (Belgium) on 29 October 2015. The Interest Group is open to any stakeholder with an interest in the procurement of innovative waste management solutions, including public authority representatives such as municipal waste management experts, procurers and policy makers, as well as academics, suppliers and other experts in the field.

The Purchasing Community is open solely to public procurers directly involved in the procurement of waste management solutions. The Purchasing Community will see procurers exchange knowledge and expertise on how to deploy PPI for waste effectively. By joining the group, members will improve their knowledge of innovative solutions already available on the market and will enhance their capacity through taking part in phone conferences, webinars and face-to-face meetings with other procurers.

The Interest Group aims to foster innovation and exchange in the waste management sector, and will similarly give public procurers the chance to learn, connect, and exchange. Both groups will use the Procurement Forum to facilitate exchange, and will provide members with news on upcoming trainings and project updates. To join, get in touch with

For more information, visit the PPI4Waste website.