29 August 2019

GPP to the rescue - tackling water scarcity and pollution

Cities globally are facing issues of water scarcity and pollution. Day 0 is a reality that cities such as Cape Town or Sao Paulo must find solutions to. And dealing with marine litter such as microplastics is a challenge that not only affects marine ecosystems but the human food supply.

This year's World Water Week highlights not only the significance of these complex challenges but also discusses an array of actions towards managing our water resources in a regenerative and sustainable manner. For example on water governance or capacity building for public authorities to tackle water stress head-on.

This is where procurement comes in - leveraging green public procurement to improve for example a city's water supply-chain through regenerative imports, managing urban infrastructure such as the quality of the piping system or establishing circularity for plastic waste to prevent pollution.

ICLEI's procurement work in the field provides recommendations on how to connect innovation procurement with the water sector, how to create a water procurement strategy and how to use tools such as market engagement to support the process.

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