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The CO2-Performance ladder
The CO2-Performance ladder is a procurement tool to encourage companies to be aware of their CO2 emissions (and those of their suppliers), and to be permanently on the lookout for new ways to save energy, use materials efficiently, and to use renewable energy.
General GPP/SPP, ,
Published by the Independent Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business.
Better Public Transport for Europe - A Good Practice Guide
The guide sets out how local authorities have improved the environmental and quality standards and increased efficiency in urban public transport through preparing for and undertaking competitive tendering.
English, German
Transport and vehicles
ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability
The Center for a New American Dream
Since its founding in 1997, the Center for a New American Dream has been at the forefront of many issues. Through our programs and campaigns, we have raised awareness of the negative impact of a hyper-consumer culture, helped define conscious consuming and green living, focused on downshifting and finding balance, and helped large institutional buyers shift their procurement to greener alternatives.
United States
General GPP/SPP
Green Purchasing Network Japan
The Green Purchasing Network (GPN) was established in February 1996 to promote green purchasing among consumers, companies and governmental organizations in Japan. As of June 1998, it has about 1,500 member organizations, including corporations, local autonomous bodies, consumer groups, environmental NGOs, and cooperative associations.
General GPP/SPP
The Sustainable Procurement Cupboard
The Cupboard was developed in response to procurement professionals request for a platform to share ways of implementing sustainable procurement practice in their organisations.
United Kingdom
Food and catering
The competitive dialogue
A guide to the optimal use of the competitive dialogue procedure produced by the Dutch central government based on a number of recent Dutch experiences.
English, Dutch
Innovation procurement (PPI) ,
Dutch national government
Life cycle cost tool - SEMCO
A tool developed by the Swedish Environmental Management Council (SEMCO) which can be used in both the needs analysis and in tender evaluation to clarify the total cost for a product during the period it will be used.
English, Swedish
Life-cycle costing
Swedish Environmental Management Council (SEMCO)
Assessing the Environmental Impacts of Consumption and Production: Priority Products and Materials
This report investigates the production materials- consumption connection by undertaking an assessment and comparison of existing studies and literature analyzing impacts of production, consumption, or resource use of countries, country groups, or the world as a whole.
United Nations Environment Programme
Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Public Procurement
Carbon Disclosure Project Public Procurement is a way for national and local governments to ask their suppliers direct questions about energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and the risks they face in a warming planet.
United Kingdom
Energy efficiency,
Carbon Disclosure Project