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Driving energy efficient innovation through procurement - A practical guide for public authorities
This guide provides clear steps for public authorities that want to become “innovation-friendly” – that is achieving the most innovative, energy-efficient solutions within their procurement actions, particularly through increased dialogue with suppliers and producers.
English, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish
ICT (information and communication techn.), Transport and vehicles, Buildings and construction, Lighting
Energy efficiency, Innovation procurement (PPI) , Pre commercial procurement
The SMART SPP consortium, c/o ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability
Green Office Guide
A set of information and tips – initially designed for the staff of the Barcelona City Council - to improve the environmental coherence, with regard to the use of paper, office and filing materials, computer materials, drinks machines, etc.
English, Catalan
Food and catering, ICT (information and communication techn.), Cleaning, Lighting, Office stationery
General GPP/SPP
Barcelona City Council
Setting landmarks. Experiences with anchoring the topic of green public procurement into education and training in Germany
This 4 pages brochure describes the results of the project "setting landmarks". It features the train-the-trainer programme and seminars that took place in 2012, describes the online life-cycle costing tool ( and informs on the outcomes of networking events.
Europe/EU, Germany
General GPP/SPP
Cornwall Council Corporate Responsible Procurement and Commissioning Policy
Cornwall Council's Responsible Procurement Policy requires council officers to take sustainability considerations into account when procuring, with a focus on six sustainability aspects: Environmental Sustainability & Carbon management, Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding, Ethical Sourcing, SME Engagement, Health and Safety.
A guide for Suppliers has also been published and can be downloaded from the Council's website.
United Kingdom
General GPP/SPP, SMEs(small and medium sized enterprises), Social responsibility
Cornwall Council
ITK-Beschaffung - purchasing criteria for IT products, Germany
Green procurement guidance for certain IT products (computers, notebooks, servers, Monitors) produced by through co-operation between the German Ministry of the Interior’s Procurement Office, the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM), the German Army’s Federal Office for Information Management and Information Technology, and the German Ministry of the Environment.
English, German
ICT (information and communication techn.)
Energy efficiency
ITK- Beschaffung
Green Public Procurement in the Asia Pacific Region: Challenges and Opportunities for Green Growth and Trade
This report reviews and analyzes the progress of Green Public Procurement (GPP) policies, challenges and opportunities in APEC economies in the context of green growth and promotion of trade in environmental goods and services (EGS). It includes the elaboration of a database of environmental criteria of eight groups of products. The information considered in this study has been gathered through questionnaires and bibliography review.
International, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea; South, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, United States, Vietnam
General GPP/SPP
RELIEF - European research project on green procurement
The research project, RELIEF, explored the environmental relief potential of green public procurement in the European Union. The RELIEF results have formed the basis for the development of the Sustainable Procurement Campaign, Procura+.
General GPP/SPP
Handbook on the public procurement of bio-based products and services
Many of the products people use on a daily basis are made from fossil raw materials. However, ‘bio-based’alternatives for these products are available at an increased rate. Bio-based products are an important step in the transition to the bioeconomy. In the bioeconomy renewable biological resources (“biomass”) replace
fossil raw materials. The Handbook summarised key concepts.
Food and catering, Textiles, Transport and vehicles, Cleaning, Buildings and construction, Medical equipment, Infrastructure
Biobased products
Working with suppliers to achieve social opportunities
Since 2009, TfL has worked in partnership with suppliers to provide opportunities to people from a range of backgrounds, while also ensuring the deliverability of its future business plan. This approach has been reinforced by the Greater London Authority's Responsible Procurement Policy (2017). By inserting Stategic Labour Needs and Training (SLNT) into contracts, and working with other third sector organisations, TfL has successfully increased the routes into supply chain employment, helping to create 5,400 supply chain apprenticeship starts and over 5,000 workless job starts.
Europe/EU, United Kingdom
Transport and vehicles
General GPP/SPP, Social responsibility