ICLEI provides training and services to public authorities of any size wanting to start or further develop sustainable, innovation, and circular public procurement.

Our training sessions support procurers, policy makers, heads of department and politicians to develop knowledge, skills and techniques to:

Ensure compliance with labour law, create employment opportunities for long-term unemployed and disadvantaged people, as well as people with disabilities.

Address the climate crisis and other environmental policy targets.

Tackle ethical trade issues such as the promotion of human rights and decent work in global supply chains.

•Procure new technology or services to solve problems and meet needs with solutions not yet available on the market.

Create jobs and boost the competitiveness of businesses, start-ups and SMEs and improve public service effectiveness and efficiency.

Procure products and services that contribute to closed energy and material loops within supply chains.

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Our trainings range from half-day to a multi-day training programme. It is modular approach that has been used in over 500 training sessions given by ICLEI staff since 1996.
Our tailored approach can be delivered in English, Spanish, German or Italian. Training sessions can focus on a particular product, service or sector such as Construction and Infrastructure, Cleaning Services, Electricity, Food & Catering, Furniture, ICT, Medical devices, Green Space Maintenance, Transport and Mobility or Sustainable Finance.


Curate your training programme

Module 1: Raising awareness

For political members and officers wanting to learn about the role of procurement as a mechanism to achieve benefits for public authorities, the environment and wider society.

Module 4: Engaging the Market

What is market engagement, understanding the market, preparing for market engagement and ways to engage the market, including how to engage SMEs.

Module 2: How to get started

Building the case, setting scope and targets, developing a policy and systematic model for implementation, monitoring and reporting.

Module 5: Effective Tendering

Practical advice on how to integrate sustainability and innovation into procurement– subject matter, selection / exclusion of bidders, technical specifications, criteria, contract performance clauses and management.

Module 3: Preparing for Procurement

Understanding the legal aspects, undertaking a needs assessment, using life cycle costing and actively managing risks.

Module 6: Procurement and the Circular Economy

Introduction to the circular economy and circular procurement, how to do it in practice and across the lifecycle of products.

Other useful training and services we offer

  • How to finance sustainable urban development and infrastructure projects
  • Support in applying innovative approaches to financing such as crowd-funding, cooperative financing, public-private financing and energy performance contracting
  • Coordination of European projects
  • Assistance to public authorities in piloting newly developed tools, criteria or specifications
  • Facilitation of workshops aiming at the development of a Sustainable, Circular, Innovation procurement process and strategy
  • City Twinning on curated topics to exchange good-practice across Europe
  • Peer reviews and benchmarking exercise to learn through comparing and contrasting different organisations on key performance indicators
  • Proposal writing for European funding calls

Training Example Project: EU GPP Training Toolkit

At ICLEI, we have contributed to developing the European Commission’s official GPP training toolkit. The toolkit was finalised in 2019 and comprises 7 modules, covering both:

  • General aspects of GPP, such as legal considerations, the role of GPP in the Circular Economy, market engagement etc.; and
  • Advice related to good GPP practice in specific sectors, such as construction, road transport, furniture, cleaning services etc.

Since the launch of the toolkit, ICLEI has supported the delivery of training sessions in 11 EU member states, helping to build capacity on GPP among public procurers and policy-makers throughout the EU. The original training material (accessible in 11 languages) can be accessed here.

The material has also been adapted by some of our GPP training partners when necessary to reflect procurement practices or legislation in their Member States. The national updates of the training material are available via the links of the right. This list will be continuously updated as more training sessions are delivered across our partner countries.

Nationally adapted training materials

"ICLEI's effective mentorship supported Aalborg in our transition towards circular procurement. Gaining first-hand insights and expert guidance on this new approach to procurement was crucial and helped us reflect on our aims and build capacity to embed circularity more and more into our procurement decisions!"- Michael Damm, Sustainability and Development Manager, Aalborg Kommune

"ICLEI helped the City of Haarlem put together our first market engagement on ICT Hardware. The event resulted in a valuable exchange, bringing together local suppliers, international brands and other public authorities from the region. The engagement event made us realise that we can be even more ambitious, pushing environmental and social sustainability in upcoming tenders - the market is ready!"  
- Thomas van den Hoff, Project Manager, ICT Procurement, City of Haarlem

"The City of Barcelona is ambitious about socially responsible procurement. Working with ICLEI on the development of criteria that aim for supply-chain transparency and fair worker's rights, helped us to take Barcelona's procurement practice to the next level."
Carla Canal Rosich, Directorate of Global Justice and International Cooperation, Barcelona City Council

"In addition to the training provided by the Maltese GPP Office, the provision of tailored training on Green Public Procurement by ICLEI has allowed us to further support GPP Coordinators in the implementation of our new GPP 2nd National Action Plan, which shall be adopted in the coming months. In Malta, the public sector is one of the largest procurers of goods and services, and by leveraging our purchasing power to instil due environmental consideration the private sector will follow suit, hence exploiting GPP to its maximum potential as a market-based mechanism.”
- Kristian Sultana,  Environment Officer in the Maltese Directorate for the Environment and Climate Change