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Stakeholders called to help shape office IT equipment GPP criteria

12 February 2014

Interested stakeholders are invited to provide input into the revision of the EU Green Public Procurement (GPP) criteria for Office IT Equipment. The revision is being carried out for DG Environment by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (Institute for Prospective Technological Studies) with support from the Oeko-Institut. The revision is taking place in parallel with the EU Ecolabel. The deadline for responses is Friday 28 February 2014.

To support this process, participants are invited to complete a short questionnaire. The aim of the questionnaire is to obtain feedback on the current EU GPP criteria; information on examples of GPP best practice; and feedback on possible areas of revision to the criteria (the current GPP Office IT Equipment criteria is available to download).

The European Commission seeks to make the revised criteria as practical and procurement-focused as possible – stakeholder input is a major component in achieving this. A first draft of the revised criteria will be presented at a stakeholders meeting in Brussels (Belgium) in May 2014 (date to be confirmed). All comments should be sent to

For more information, join the Procurement Forum stakeholder group.