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Sustainable Procurement Playbook for Cities - The Buck Starts here
This Sustainable Procurement Playbook provides practical advice, best practices, resources and tools to help cities with their sustainable procurement efforts.
Throughout the Playbook, you will find:
• Examples of best practices by project participants and other USDN members.
• Model language for sustainable procurement policies.
• Guidance for designing and implementing a high-functioning and practical sustainable
procurement program that addresses issues such as staff roles and responsibilities,
communication methods and training.
• A customizable Sustainable Procurement Prioritization Tool to help cities focus their
sustainable procurement efforts on product and service categories that can yield significant
environmental, health and economic benefits.
• Recommended procurement guidance for several high-impact product and service
categories that were identified by USDN members using the Sustainable Procurement
Prioritization Tool (including bid specifications, vendor survey questions, and bid evaluation
• Environmental benefit calculators as well as other tools and strategies for tracking and
reporting sustainable procurement actions and benefits such as energy and water conservation,
greenhouse gas reductions, waste prevention, and cost savings.
United States
General GPP/SPP
InnProBio - Format for a training session for Procurement of Bio-Based Products and Services
Presentation about hosting a training session.
Biobased products
InnProBio-Format for a market dialogue session for procurement of Bio-Based Products and Services
Presentation on how to host a market dialogue session
Biobased products
InnProBio - Recommendations to decision makers and standardisation bodies
The following report was prepared by the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR), the Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN) and Biomass Technology Group BV (BTG) and presents useful recommendations to overcome barriers for public procurement of Bio-Based Products and Services (BBPS), which were discovered during the 3-year project term of InnProBio. The focus of this document lies on four discovered barriers and respective recommendations to mitigate them.
Food and catering, Textiles, ICT (information and communication techn.), Transport and vehicles, Cleaning, Buildings and construction, Medical equipment, Infrastructure, Furniture
Biobased products
Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.
Navigate Change: How new approaches to public procurement will create new markets
Produced as part of the euroPROC project, this guide helps small and medium-sized businesses navigate the dynamic changes taking place in public procurement. It introduces new trends, the different ways policies are implemented, the opportunities that arise and experiences to-date to help identify opportunities and risks.
General GPP/SPP, SMEs(small and medium sized enterprises)
On our plate today: healthy, sustainable food choices (Executive summary)
Funded by the European Commission (EC) LIFE+ programme, LiveWell for LIFE is a ground-breaking project that not only set out to show how low carbon diets can help achieve a reduction of at least 25% in greenhouse gas emissions from the EU food supply chain but also showed how these can be healthy, nutritious and affordable.

The project also aimed to influence policies and practices to ease the adoption of low-carbon diets in the EU – and in particular in our pilot countries: France, Spain and Sweden – and ultimately, to put the issue of sustainable diets on the EU policy agenda.
Food and catering
General GPP/SPP, Fair trade
WWF, Friends for Life Europe
Setting landmarks. Experiences with anchoring the topic of green public procurement into education and training in Germany
This 4 pages brochure describes the results of the project "setting landmarks". It features the train-the-trainer programme and seminars that took place in 2012, describes the online life-cycle costing tool ( and informs on the outcomes of networking events.
Europe/EU, Germany
Food and catering, Textiles, ICT (information and communication techn.), Transport and vehicles, Energy, Cleaning, Timber and forestry , Buildings and construction, Lighting, Office stationery, Medical equipment, Infrastructure, Green spaces, Events, Furniture
General GPP/SPP, Ecolabels, Environmental management system
Commande Publique Durable - Guide méthodologique et fiches pratiques
This guide introduces the reader to the concept of sustainable public procurement and relates this to the specific topics of energy, transport, ICT, social responsibility and others
ICT (information and communication techn.), Transport and vehicles, Energy, Infrastructure
General GPP/SPP
Green Procurement: Guidance for the Public Sector
The purpose of this guidance is to provide a practical overview of the issues at stake, best practice examples and detailed criteria for insertion in tenders. The guidance covers sectors such as transport, energy, construction, food and catering services.
Europe/EU, Ireland
Food and catering, Transport and vehicles, Energy, Buildings and construction
General GPP/SPP
Environemental Protection Agency