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April 2015

Strengthening the sustainability of socially responsible procurement

23 April 2015, 17:00 - 21:15
Berlin, Germany
Keithstraße 1+3 10787

CoRa (Corporate Responsibility), in cooperation with Chritian Initiative Romero and Berliner FAIRgabe-Bündnis (Berlin Fair Gift Alliance) is hosting a panel discussion on the reform and strengthening of the sustainability of socially responsible procurementof public procurement law in Germany.

The panel includes members of both the federal government and opposition. The topic for discussion will be how the federal government could strengthen its incorporating of the Europe Union’s strategic objectives in public procurement, and in public procurement law reform in Germany.

Registration is open until 14 April.

For more information, download the programmevia the link below. To register, contact the organisers via the email address below.