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May 2021

Boosting economic recovery through innovation procurement: what European assistance can do for you

18 May 2021, 09:30 - 13:30

This four-hours workshop webinar offers practical insights into how innovation procurement can play a key role in tackling the significant challenges the European public sector is facing  nowadays – especially in the context of economic recovery following the COVID crisis, the Green Deal objectives, cybersecurity and other societal challenges.

The webinar tackles how to use innovation procurement to boost a digital-green economic recovery. The webinar puts the spotlight on success cases that were supported in the past by EAFIP and that will share the approaches they used to maximise impacts, both from the buyer’s and the supplier’s perspective. They will present the benefits and lessons learned of the strategic use of pre-commercial procurement and public procurement of innovative solutions, and you will be able to ask them your questions.

For public buyers that are interested to start new innovation procurements, EAFIP will also explain how to apply for free of charge assistance as well as what types of assistance EAFIP can provide.

Register here for the workshop.