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September 2020

Towards a Responsible Supply Chain for Electronics

From Mining to Manufacturing
28 September - 2 October 2020

In 2017, eleven European partners joined forces to create the project “Make ICT Fair – Reforming manufacture and minerals supply chains through policy, finance and public procurement”. This diverse partnership (including a university, a newspaper company, an international association of governments, a monitoring organisation, research centers and other specialised civil society organizations) aims at improving the lives of workers and local communities impacted along the ICT supply chain through research, capacity building and campaigning.

Three years later, the consortium is hosting a series of webinars to share the research results, pleading for increased transparency in a fairer ICT supply chain. 

In three webinars, the different links of the ICT supply chain, from mineral extraction to manufacturing and assembly are analysed. Key results of the research are presented and the following questions are debated:

  • Which levers in the supply chain could drive a fairer ICT supply chain?
  • What are the opportunities and calls to action?

These webinars aim to stimulate an open discussion with the sector to achieve a fairer supply chain for electronic devices.

Each webinar is structured in two parts:

  1. Overview of the relevant research results and a brief explanation why its conclusions could help to improve the studied stage in  the supply chain.
  2. Open discussion with the participants.

The webinars are organised by the Make ICT Fair project, in collaboration with Fair ICT Flanders and supported by KU Leuven SIM2.

Find more information about the provisional programme here and don't forget to register !