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February 2023

The Big Buyers Project: Webinar on How to Procure a ''Zero Emission Construction Site''

28 February 2023, 11:00 - 12:00


DG GROW is organizing a series of webinars entitled ''Driving Markets through Public Procurement: the Big Buyers Project''. The first of these webinars, taking place on 28 February, will focus on the Working Group that learnt how to procure a ''Zero Emission Construction Site''.

During the webinar representatives of the group on ''Zero Emission Construction Sites'' will present the state of play of the seven pilot projects that were launched in different cities, among which Berlin, Eindhoven and Barcelona, as well as the Joint Statement of Demand asking for a green shift in the construction market. The statement is currently signed by five cities: Bodø, Oslo, Copenhagen Helsinki and Vantaa.

The objective of the Big Buyers project was to promote collaboration between public buyers across the EU in implementing strategic procurement for sustainable solutions. A bottom-up needs assessment of participants resulted in the creation of four working groups, dealing with Zero Emission Construction Sites, Circular Construction, Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles, and Digital Solutions in the Healthcare Sector. Webinars focusing on the achievements of the rest of these working groups will be announced soon.

For more information on the first webinar, and to register (EU login required), click here.