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June 2022

Presenting the New EU Guidance to support Sustainable Public Infrastructure projects

30 June 2022, 10:00 - 12:00

This workshop will be an opportunity to learn about - and provide feedback on - the Guidance on sustainable public procurement.

About this event
Limited administrative capacity, awareness, and sustainability expertise of public administrations at national, regional and local level in Member States are major barriers holding back investment in sustainable infrastructures and environmental protection, which are areas with great potential to attract private investors.

Through Technopolis the European Commission wishes to develop a Guidance to support national authorities in implementing major infrastructure projects. Further priorities include the professionalisation of public procurers, improving access to procurement markets and increasing transparency, integrity and better data, digitalisation of public procurement and cooperation for public procurement.

The engagement of relevant stakeholders in the preparation of the Guidance is essential to ensure it responds to their needs, and that it is able to sustain and boost its impacts. The Guidance will serve to support the national authorities for implementing major infrastructure projects, which will receive recovery funding subject to public procurement.

In addition, the context for construction projects is changing as supply chain issues and price increases impact the cost of materials. This workshop will offer an opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback on contemporary challenges facing the sector.

The workshop aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

• Presenting the final draft of the Guidance developed in the project to stakeholders, including 15 examples of good practice

• Collect final feedback on the Guidance from stakeholders

• Exchange on existing practices, challenges, lessons learnt on sustainable infrastructure projects that could be added to enrich the Guidance

• Foster the co-creation of new solutions and recommendations for the Commission’s work on a Guidance on public investment into sustainable infrastructure projects.

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